Enrico Banducci's Legendary hungry i Lives Again!
hungry i People

The magic created on stage, the unique hospitality and the conviviality in the audience were all about a mix of people in one small location, who brought the folk and comedy boom to its heights across the USA and beyond.  The hungry i people!

On Stage


Woody Allen
Kay Ballard
Orson Bean
Shelley Berman
Malcomb Boyd
Godfrey Cambridge
Dick Cavett
Irwin Corey
Stanley Myron Handelman
Tom Lehrer
Elaine May
Mike Nichols
Richard Pryor
Joan Rivers
Mort Sahl
Ronnie Schell
Smothers Brothers
Jackie Vernon
Jonathan Winters


Maya Angelou
Benny Barth
Stella Brooks
Frank D'Rone
Carlos Duran
Eddie Duran
Vince Guaraldi
Richie Havens
Judy Henske
Judy Job
Dorothy Lloyd
Tom O'Horgan
Donald Pippin
Jory Remus
Nina Simone
Jimmy Stewart
Barbra Streisand
Tina Turner
Gloria Unti
Stan Wilson


Blackburn & Snow
    Jeff Blackburn
   Halima Snow

Brothers Four

Gateway Singers
     Lou Gottlieb
     Ernie Sheldon
     Elmerlee Thomas
     Jerry Walter

   John Phillips
   Dick Weissman
   Scott McKenzie

Kingston Trio
     Dave Guard
     Nick Reynolds
     Bob Shane
     John Stewart

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
     Lou Gottlieb
     Alex Hassilev
     Glen Yarbrough

Los Amigos

Lovin' Spoonfull

Peter, Paul & Mary

San Francisco Towncriers
   Marty Balin
   Jan Ellickson
   Larry Vargo
   Bill Collins

Around The Club

David Allen
Alvah Bessie
Jo Ann Edmonson
Reese Hamel
Harry Smith
Tony Townsend
Larry Tucker

In The Audience

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