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BROWNIE MACINTOSH is an entertainer who offers some interesting insights on The Gateway Singers from Dave Guard of The Kingston Trio.

”I grew up with The Kingston Trio, and am one of their writers. I discovered the Gateway Singers while collecting old folk lps for a radio series.

I was lucky enough to have known Dave Guard who was a guest at my home on many occasions.  Dave and I spoke often of the folk music era and we both agreed that the Gateways were indeed a more innovative and interesting group than the weavers, who in my oppinion were good, but always seemed to put out the same album

I would love to have met any of the group, although I did connect with Ernie Sheldon, who also sang with Joyce James, former leader of the Womenfolk. Joyce and I were "The Riverfolk" briefly, and Eric Weissberg was at our original rehearsals with an interest in joining.

Love reading about them, and would be interested in any additional information.”

Brownie Macintosh
August 2006

JOHN KINNIER  in Baltimore is a first generation fan whose favorite Gateway Singers song is “Colorado Trail.”

”The Gateway Singers music was among my most favorite.  I only have an old reel to reel, and would love to be able to obtain some CDs of their recordings.”

John Kinnier
July 2006

ANN SICKLES in Oregon has very special memories of listening to The Gateway Singers live, and is keeping their music alive via the CDs she bought from

“ I used to sit on the stage at the Hungry i when they sang. What a delight to be a part of that era. Please tell me how I can order their CD I still have their LP's but have no way to play them.  You'll never know how much I miss those wonderful songs.”

Ann Sickles
July 2006

Another Gateway Singers family member to write in is SYLVIA MELL.

“I was married to Jerry Walter's brother Gilbert, and recalled the Gateway Singers extended run at the Gate of Horn in Chicago. Jerry stayed with us during this period, and we followed their career with great interest.

We loved their music and the social statements they made at the time. I would love to obtain any CDs that are available.”

Sylvia Mell
July 2006

AILEN THOMAS  lists “Puttin on the Style” as favorite album and “This Little Light of Mine” as number one Gateway song.

“ I saw them at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley in the 50's! They were wonderful!”

Ailen Thomas
June 2006

IRA ZUCKERMAN in New York City was particularly pleased to reconnect with The Gateway Singers via the CDs from

“I wanted to let you know that I received the CDs. They are great. I had

heard some Gateway recordings before but the whole albums surpassed my expectations. Even the performance of some of the old Weavers songs were the best I can remember hearing.

Thank you for your help with these. the recording processing on the Gateway CDs was remarkable. If I did not know otherwise, I would never have believed that the recordings were over 40 yearsold. Congrats.
Ira Zuckerman
May 2006

Mark Hanzlik in Sacramento, California is a second generation fan who fulfilled his wish to get a copy of “Puttin' on the Style” through

“I'm Looking for some digital tracks from Puttin' on the Style, are those available?”

mark hanzlik
May 2006

“Hard Ain't It Hard” is the favorite Gateway song of GENE R. SCHNEIDER, who saw the Singers live, and was delighted to be able to purchase their CDs through this website.

”i have new (really) vinyls & have been trying to get them transferred to CD by someone who really knew what they were doing & had quality equipment --- I was hoping to keep the vinyl's as masters --- no luck  --- I sure hope you have solved my problem.

I was a civilian attached to the navy, and lived in san leandro in the 50's when the singers & the trio were appearing at the hungry "i" and the purple onion.”

Gene R. Schneider
May 2006

RICHARD KIRKEVALL in Helsingborg, Sweden enriched his knowledge about The Gateway Singers through this website, and went on to purchase their CDs from The Travis Edmonson Collection!

”I am interested in the Gateway Singers as a part of my interest in the American music history. I find references to them on albums by e.g. Kingston Trio and Harry Bellefonte and wanted to hear more of the originals than I can do on internet sites where I have found some samples.

The two CDs arrived yesterday in good order and I have already played and enjoyed them.  I appreciate the good technival quality.

Richard Kirkevall
May 2006

ROBERT KELLY in Pacific Palisades, California saw The Gateway Singers live, and especially likes “This Little Light of Mine” and “Delia's Blues.”

“Love finding this site. Been looking haphazardly for years to recapture the songs and singers that colored my teenage and college years.”

Robert M. Kelly
May 2006

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