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Gateway Recollections 2

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JOHN TAGE has ordered The Gateway Singers CDs, and looks forward to reviving great memories.

“My brothers and I were raised with the music our parents listened to which included the Gateway Singers. Always our favorite!

John Tage
May 2005

JON KARESH  is one of those Gateway Singers admirers who's been a fan all his life.

“Though I was born in 1960, my parents were big Gateway Singers fans, and saw them perform at the Hungry i.

When I was a child, I loved to listen to their albums.  I still do sometimes. I am also a huge fan of the Limeliters, and was fortunate to see the original Limeliters (Lou, Alex, and Glenn) perform during some of their reunion tours.

 It is wonderful what you are doing for Travis Edmonson. Please keep up the good work!”

Jon Karesh
April 2005

RICH LOMAX is a first-generation Gateway Singers fan who loves all their songs and albums, and has spent his own fair share of time in the folk world.

“love the background for your links.  I have been a member of NORMAL since 1970!   I lived in Sausalito, '64, '69. Bob Shane and I are close friends.

I roaded with Shane after '67, 'til almost 1975. If you catch me on the Kingston Crossroads, I'm the one called Mr.  Roadie.

Travis and Bud were also good friends during the earlier years.

 Good Luck on this promotion.”

Rich Lomax
March 2005

RON COTTEREL has an interesting story to tell about his Gateway connections.
”My affinity for the Gateway singers comes honestly and organically. When my parents first met, and in the first year of their marriage, (the early 1950's) they would drive up to the City (San Francisco) and take in acts at clubs like the Purple Onion and the Hungry i. They remember seeing the Gateway Singers.

It is possible that I was exposed to the Gateway Singers for the first time when I was in my mother's womb! Regardless of that, the first two albums were around when I was but a baby and toddler. I do know that when I was 4 or 5 years old I played the albums over and over again, which is witnessed by the well worn shape that they are in today. So, when I listen to them now, they take me right back to the days of my youth. I think that some of my views of the world and humanity were probably influenced by those songs.

Thanks for all you are doing!”
Ron Cotterel
April 2005

FRAN CRESSMAN, now living in Maryland, was another regular for the Gateway shows at the hungry i.

“My brother has told me about your wonderful work. It's such good news that we can hear the Gateway Singers again and I would like to start out by ordering "Puttin' on the Style"

Frances Cressman
March 2005

JIM MALLAS of Las Vegas is a Gateway Singers fan who purchased one of the first CDs to be released in the Travis Edmonson Collection, “Puttin on the Style.”

“received the “Puttin on the Style” CD, and the quality and sound were perfect. Thank you.”

James Mallas
March 2005

		Music industry professional and broadcaster, CARY GINNEL wrote the stunning  and definitive liner notes about the folk era for the Grammy-nominated "Washington Square Memoirs:  The Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970," and has kindly supplied some of the artwork on this website.

“I am interested in Gateway Singers CDs. I was a good friend of Lou Gottlieb of the Gateways/Limeliters.”

Cary Ginnel
March 2005

JOHN MEIKLE, now resident in  Utah,  is pleased to see the Gateway Singers website on line.

“I'm definitely a first generation Gateway Singers fan. I remember seeing the Gateways at the Hungry I in '57 or '58.”

John Meikle
March 2005

JOHN LARSON was a regular at the hungry I for Gateway Singers performances during his college days.

““Many happy times at the i. "'Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.' Looking forward to getting the record.”

John Larsen
March 2005

TRUDY MERCHANT, who now lives in New Mexico,  grew up in Nogales, Arizona with Travis Edmonson, and enjoyed many performances by The Gateway Singers.

“I have the original Gateway Singers albums, and let me tell you they are plenty scratchy by now considering how old they are (I got them in San Francisco when Travis was still with the Gateways), and how many times I have played them.  I remember Elmerlee Thomas well. She was a wonderful singer and a very nice person. I remember sitting at the bar in the Hungry i talking to her between sets once in a while.”

Gertrude Corcoran Merchant
March 2005

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