Enrico Banducci's Legendary hungry i

Celebrating the wonderful creation
of the late Enrico Banducci

Happily, Enrico was able to enjoy the renaissance of interest in the great club before his passing  on October 10, 2007

Brief biography of  Enrico Banducci

Relive the March 2007 hungry i reunion with

photos from the event of Enrico Banducci, Orson Bean, Shelley Berman, Travis Edmonson, Tom Lehrer, Mort Sahl, Ronnie Schell, Bob Shane, Ernie Sheldon and Glenn Yarbrough on March 27, 2007!

Experience your own hungry i reunion with the wonderful DVD featuring commentary by Enrico Banducci and performances by The Kingston Trio, Limeliters, Mort Sahl, jonathan Winters, Stan Wilson + rare Lenny Bruce footage.  Just click the icon to order direct from Amazon!

We ask your prayers / Good Thoughts for the recovery of a gallant lady, MAUREEN ASPELL.  A direct descendant of the 16th century “pirate queen” Grace O'Malley, Maureen is an honor to her family, and dearly loved by all.

And hey!  Those aren't just ordinary bricks you're looking at, but the genuine item from the stage wall of the great hungry i

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