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Gateway Recordings
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The Gateway Singers recorded six fabulous albums on the Decca, Warner Bros. And MGM labels.  For more info about each - including some sound clips - just click the links below.

Puttin' on the Style
Gateway Singers At the hungry i
Gateway Singers In Hi Fi
Wagons West
Gateway Singers On the Lot
Down in the Valley

Ballad of Sigmund Freud
Midnight Special


The Mad, Mad Mad Gateway Trio
The Gateway Trio (self-titled)


(data courtesy of Al Salley)

"Hootenanny" (1963)  MGM E-4154 (mono) and MGM SE-4154 (stereo)
 (tracks to be named)

"All Time Hootenanny Folk Favorites" - Decca  DL 4469
"The Sinking of the Reuben James"

"All Time Hootenanny Folk Favorites, Volume 2" - Decca  DL 4485

"Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival" - RD 046,
A4 21489  (released 1991)
"This Little Light" (Disc 2 - also available separately as catalogue Nr. RD 046-2, A 21491)
(Compilation by the Smithsonian Collection of Recordings, produced in association with Sony Music Special Products)

"Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music (

“An All-Star Hootenanny" -   R132-22, 72438-19159-2-9 (released 1996)
"Midnight Special" (on "Volume II of main series as well)
Manufactured for Time-Life Music by EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets")

“ Folk Favorites" - R120-30, MSD2-37267 (released 1998)
"This Little Light of Mine" (on "Volume III of main series as well)
_Manufactured for Time-Life Music by Universal Music Special Markets)

"Hoot Tonight!" (1963) Warner Bros.   W1512 (mono) / WS1512 (stereo)
"Linstead Market" / "The Keeper and the Doe".

"Folk Songs" (1964) Decca DL34056  "Candy Mountain Land" / "Colorado Trail"


on 78 RPM

"Come to the Dance" / "Hey Li-Lee" (Decca)
Rollin' Home / All Over the World (Decca)

on 45 RPM

“Puttin' On The Style “ /” The Midnight Special” (Decca 29972)
”Bury Me In My Overalls “ / “Monaco” (Decca 30088)
”Roving Gambler “ / “This Little Light Of Mine” (Decca 30510)
"Come to the Dance" / "Hey Li-Lee" (Decca 30630)
"Rollin'Home" / "All Over This World"  (Decca 30708)
 "Keep a-movin'" / "MTA" (Warner Bros 1959)
Wreck of the John B / East Virginia Blues (Warner Bros.)  5034
"Wait For The Wagon"  ( Jerry Walter)/ "Kingston Market" (MGM) 12939X.
"Billy Boy" / "Goin' Down the Road" ( MGM) 12927( 1960)

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You might not have realized that Gateway Singer Travis Edmonson was also one half of the ground-breaking duo Bud & Travis, and that all their great albums were remastered to the highest standard, and are available for purchase on Travis' official site

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