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Gateway Recollections 8

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BARRY C. LAWRENCE, author of “In Search of River Phoenix - The Truth Behind the Myth” (see link below) has been a Gateway fan since childhood.

“My neighborhood friend got to meet The Gateway Singers live once in Tahoe  I believe . He always told me what a thrill it was to shake Elmerlee's   hand, always made me jealous.

Thanks for the CD's - it is great to once again hear The Gateway Singers whom I have not played since my child hood in the 50's on wax 78 RPM records.”

Barry Lawrence
July 2008

ANITA AND JOHN CAMPBELL, now living in Escondido,  have been Gateway Singers fans for 50 years.

“We were in college in the late 50s when The Gateway Singers became popular. Loved their style of music. When we moved from our home where we had lived for over 30 years five years ago we reluctantly got rid of all of our old records. We were downsizing! When I discovered I could get CDs of the same one or two albums I had of the Gateway Singers for so many years, we were thrilled. Looking forward to enjoying the Gateway Singers again.

Some of my own personal favorites of their songs -- Puttin' on the Style,
Bury Me In My Overalls, This Little Light of Mine, Midnight Special and Rock
Island Line!!”

Anita Campbell
May 2008

Prof. HOWELL BAUM, now Professor of Urban Studies & Planning at the University of Maryland, is another second-generation Gateway fan.

“Many years ago, when I was a boy, my parents bought "Puttin on the Style." It was my introduction to folk music. I don't know what led them to buy the record, since they had little money for extravagances such as that. I can still hear the music from the record and decided to search to see if it were available as a CD.

I didn't remember that Lou Gottlieb sang with them.  I would run across him on the Berkeley campus when he was getting his doctorate--at least I ran across someone I believed was Lou Gottlieb. Many years later, I bought a CD of a later version of the Limeliters, with some young kid substituting for Glenn Yarbrough. I wrote Lou complaining that I had bought the CD to introduce my young child to folk music and was disappointed.  He misunderstood my note and thought I meant the music was too "adult" for children, and he asked Red Grammer to send us a tape of his children's music. We got hooked on Red Grammer

Howell Baum
May 2008

JESSICA STANNARD, now resident in The Netherlands, has fond memories of going to see The Gateway Singers in California, and she's passed their music on to a third generation who appreciate the group's recordings.

“I grew up in Palo Alto in the 50s and was raised on the Gateway Singers. I remember being about five years old,  and not getting dressed the whole day till it was time to head for San Francisco and actually see them in concert. What a treat! I've managed to pass the beauty of their music on to my kids, who live in Holland as well.

Jessica Stannard
May 2008

GAIL ZWAKENBERG in Nevada  is reviving memories of the Gateway Singers at the hungry i LP with the new CD version.
” I loved The Gateway Singers at the hungry i album when I first entered college. We danced to Oleana. “
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Gail Zwakenberg
January 2008

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