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About the Singers
More about the artists who made up The Gateway Singers

Lou Gottlieb

Bass player, baritone, songwriter, wit extraordinaire, taskmaster extraordinaire, and the creator of fabulous vocal sounds, Lou Gottlieb  is most famous for his years with The Limeliters.  Everything he touched was marked by compassion, clarity, intellect and an exacting feel  for perfection.

Jerry Walter

Co-founder, baritone, songwriter, arranger, banjo player, Jerry Walter's rich voice  gave power to The Gateway Singers' sound, and flair to the story songs.  Also an actor by profession, he spent his life campaigning for human rights and professional ones for his fellow artists.

Elmerlee Thomas

With an electrifying stage presence and a voice which could raise a hush in the largest arena, the warm personality of Elmerlee Thomas was cherished by all who knew her.  Understudy to Marian Anderson, her voice gave layers of color and depth to everything The Gateway Singers did.  As much at home in a lab coat doing hormone research, she was deeply loved and respected by all who knew her.

Travis Edmonson

Irrepressible charmer, songwriter, guitarist and singer with a breathtaking vocal range, Travis Edmonson's years as part of Bud & Travis, when he introduced a wealth of Latin music to North America,  have locked him intensely in the hearts of their many fans.

Ernie Sheldon

Guitarist and songwriter, Ernie Sheldon (who later became a Limeliter himself) took over Lou Gottlieb's place in The Gateway Singers.
Ernie Sheldon

and from The Gateway Trio

Betty Mann

Part of a duo show with Jerry Walter for many years, guitarist Betty “Montana” Mann also had a lively solo career, and continued performing into the 90s.

Milt Chapman

The Mr. Sunshine of The Gateway Trio, bassist and arranger Milt Chapman has enjoyed a long and varied career as a touring, stage and television entertainer.

other Gateway Singers

Marc Richards

Mark Richards took over Travis Edmonson's spot on guitar in 1958.

Jim Wood

He was the catalyst for The Gateway Singers getting together, and when the group broke up in 1961 began singing again with Elmerlee Thomas as part of a folk duo.

Adam Fredericks

Adam Fredericks took over from Ernie Sheldon on guitar in the summer of 1959.

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